Pritchard Amps Previews

YES ! - A Truly Great Guitar Amplifier

Candy for the Musical Soul

Yes ! - Built On Player Thumbs-Up !
I currently own a Pritchard Gold Estoc, which is a fabulous amp - BenF,

You'll still be better off buying a Pritchard - it's a masterful build - bettset

Mr. Pritchard - I've heard two of your amps in person and was very, very impressed! alquit

I have a Pritchard Sword and I think it's great. - hading

I own the Pritchard Sword of Satori with the 1/15 tunnel back cab . . . Killer! - dmgcaster

I do all of my recording with a Pritchard direct. I've done a ton of recordings with it. - landru64

I was blown away by Eric’s amp. It sounded so big and full. - Brian Kellner of the Bushman Brothers

Yes, the Pritchard amps are a brilliant design and sound wonderful - Rod

Not only does this thing sound like a tube amp, it sounds like several really good tube amps! - Bill

Thanks for one of the best amps I’ve ever heard ! - Brian Kellner of the Bushman Brothers

“Pritchard amps...are truly outstanding amps (of any kind).” - trisonic

"I've never gone 6 months without buying more amps since I got on Ebay in 1998. My Pritchard amp has kept me from getting a new amp for 18months. I still get GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) all the time, but I play my Pritchard a then GAS is resistible" - Carlton Hobbs,

The aspect of the amp that I find so intriguing is the feel of my guitars in my hands when I play through the Pritchard. It's not a tube amp, not a transistor amp or a tube/transistor hybrid. It's something different, and better than all 3. Another thing is that the amp sounds "better" on the gig than it does in the practice room which is the opposite of most amp situations. You know the drill. You dial in the perfect tone at home, go to the gig and find that your tone was an illusion. Well not the case with this amp. It's an instrument in its own right. All in all it is my favorite buy of '04. After all these years it's good to find products that are innovative and exciting, that work well and enable artistry. Considering what you get I think it's a bargain. How can you put a price on inspiration? - Al Watsky

"Aside from the amazing fullness of tone, I was also struck by how tight and articulate the Sword of Satori sounds. There's never any flab, and chord-work always sounded concise and punchy . . . .Guitarists in need of excellent amplification and possible life-changing experience ought to seek one out."
- Russell Carlson, Jazz Times

"all the harmonic content, sustain and balls of my best tube amps without the weight." "smooth and expressive, not piercing and painful." - Michael Magnuson

YES ! - Players Benefits

Great Tone - Warm, Rich, Full Bodied, Feel, Resilient

Wide Ranging Guitar Tones - See Below

Practice Jack - For Domestic Tranquility

Reliability - Years of Playing Satisfaction

Light Weight - Travel Light - Into and Out of a Gig in One Trip

Consistent Tones - Gig after Gig

Operational Flexibility - See Connections Below

Spilled Beer Test - Will Keep on Working !

YES ! - Features For Players

Front Panel Controls

Two Amps In One - Yes ! like legacy Sword of Satori and Gold Estoc, is like having two amps in one. Each channel can be clean or dirty depending on settings. The top (clean) channel has more clean voices than dirty and the bottom (dirty) channel has more dirty voices and more gain.

WATTS Knob - Great Tone with Harmonics, Sag, and Compression from A Few Watts to 60 Clean, 90 Dirty Watts, 180 Peak Distorted Power - "You can hang with a Twin or a Deluxe."

VOICE Knob - Select the basic voice for that channel - It gives you tremendous versatility. (See Below for great selection!)

BOOST - This control adds volume to clean or gain to dirty when BOOST is ON for more tonal versatility.

IN - This adjustment marries you and your guitar to the amp to give greater touch response by adding harmonics.

3-Band Tone Controls - with high resolution bass and extra treble.

Master Volume Controls - There are two master volume controls, one for boosted gain and one for regular gain. These master volumes do not destroy tone because the pre amp distortion stage has the fat, full body, harmonics, sag, and life of an overdriven amp.

Volume & Gain - controls volume up to clipping and then controls distortion and sustain.

Rear Panel Connections

PJ (Practice Jack) - Built In, Tone Enhanced, Speaker Attenuator to Practice without upsetting family and neighbors.

GIG Jack - Regular, high power speaker jack. It works with 4-ohm loads best and 8-ohm loads at about half power. (For best tone, 8-ohm speakers need a special cable.)

EQ DI XLR Out - Go Direct to a board with an outstanding electronic creation of a 4-12 cabinet.

Head Phone Jacks - Two - for 1/4" and mini.

Amp DI - An output to a slave amplifier that drives and instrument speaker.

Effects Send / Return - Both Serial and Parallel effects Loops

PA Footswitch - For pushbutton control of channel selection and boost on/off.

CH2 Out - Outputs the second (dirty) channel signal to mix clean and dirty, created a delayed second channel to mix in, etc.

MIX & Mix Level - An input jack and volume control to mix channel 2 or an external signal into the amp output stage.

RVRB - A jack to use the amp's reverb signal or to turn the reverb on or off by a shorting switch.

B & C - Boost and channel switches for remote amp control


YES ! - Voices - Versatile Covering of Guitar Styles

A - Acoustic - Inspired by a miked acoustic amplifier to make your solid body guitar have those big campfire chords. Not exactly acoustic - but really cool!

B - Bass Boost - Inspired by the Wes Montgomery Tone

F - Flat - Inspired by Fender vintage Black Face amps.

H - Heavy - Heavily emphasized treble for high-gain long sustain tones

L - Lead - Inspired by a unique combination of Boogie Overdrive Treble and Marshall Bass

M - Moderately Bright - Inspired by vintage Marshall -

N - Notch - Bass notch & accented treble for high-gain, great sustain tones.

P - Precision - An interesting guitar tone inspired by a precision bass with treble emphasis, high-mid notch, and rolled-off bass.

S- Smooth Solo - A bass and treble emphasis for expanding solo sounds

V - Very Bright - Inspired by a Vox Top Boost with treble cut

YES ! - Cabinets

Small Cabinet

Speakers: 1-12 or 1-12/2H for extended range
Size: 18.5 wide, 17 high, 10.6 deep
Weight: 35 pounds
Picture: Similarly to below

Medium Cabinet

Speakers: 1-15 or 1-15/2H for extended range
Options: 2-10, 1-12, 1-12/2H for extended range

Size: 22.1 wide, 19 high, 12.1 deep
Weight: 45 pounds
Picture: Similarly to below

Special Order / Large Cabinets


Pritchard Amps Legacy Amps

The Legacy Amplifiers are Sword of Satori's with Cabinets of your choice. Sword of Satori amplifiers have great tone, are similar to above, but without master volume controls and with fixed second channel boost. The rear panel jacks are PJ, GIG, Footswitch, Send, Return, EQ DI XLR out, Amp DI, and XLR in.

The Legacy Amplifiers will be available until the current stock of their components runs out.

Ordering Your Amp

Please write or call to discuss your playing and tone needs.

The more you know, the more likely you will make the right choice.

Pritchard Amps Contact Information

Email: eric(at)

Phone: 304-258-9113 or Toll Free 8-SSSO-COOOL

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